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Features: A major sport game: The World Group Pro competition is the highlight of International Tennis Open and the World Group players are the best tennis players in the world. A wide variety of single player options: Practice mode, quick match, tournament, computer-narrated news, and play between other countries. Unmatched technological power: Special 2D animation, amazing detail and rich graphics, impressive 16-bit game play, and MIDI soundtrack. The most realistic tennis experience: There are no tennis superstars, but there are international and national players who try to become champions. International or domestic: International Tennis Open has two play modes: a single player mode and a three-country simultaneous play mode. Game Screenshots Other then the gameplay, it’s a great game. i actually have every cdi game on my computer: from car racing, to fighting games, and tennis This game was first time when I saw game wich have this platformer mechanic, and could you make a platformer with a play like tennis games. By the way, it was my favourite game that i ever played. I play this game even on pc first time. This game is really just, you know how to play tennis, but they decided they want to be an RPG…They managed to add a bunch of interesting features in the game. First of all this game is included in the CDi and PC collection called Amiga Codrai. The second to notice is that this game is very very rare nowadays. Most of the region has been wiped or has to be bought via the internet. Haven’t played this for a while as I now have PC and X-Box. It was a great game and something different. Some of my favorite matches were against an American, who ended up winning though, the French, and the Italian. I was more interested in the game when I got to play a French player and the best part was that I could beat him easily… One of the best soccer games I remember of all time. And for me it was impossible to find a real life team who plays like the team in the game. It’s amazing for the game. I loved it when I was a kid and now I am 26 years old and I still play it. The gameplay may look old and dirty but this game is awesome, I like how there are some modes, single matches to five round tournaments, even you can play against your friend


Features Key:

  • All weapons in game provided by daily and extra content from “Weapon’s Colleagues Pack” and “Weapon’s Colleagues 2 Pack”.
  • You can switch to Scale Model and Mirror Mode while in the game mode to avoid walkthrough.
  • Pick up Scraps and collect Scrap cards. Use scrap card for function items.
  • Walkthrough and both Ending of the game are optional.
  • In the game your play not only figurine and it’s size but by each character’s size.
  • Enjoy role play game as the WEAPON’S COLLEAGUES
  • Enable Private and Mod strings function.
  • The Note Taker Plugin function and Color Scheme Editor, so you can make your own color scheme.
  • Online Score Values updater feature.
  • 6 SIZES, 7 COLORS, 6 FIGURINS: The PlayMode is changed depending on figure size and color of the model.
  • Select from 7 weapon types, each with 3 states. To be usable, raise 3 weapon states per play with weapons.
  • Function Items with each color of the model has different function.
  • To collect Scraps and collect Scrap cards. Use scrap card for function items.
  • In game mode to avoid walkthrough, user can switch to Scale Model, Mirror Mode and Normal Mode. Also available another mode "Scenario Mode".
  • Pick up Scraps and collect Scrap cards. Use scrap card for function items.
  • When your manage to gain positive points from opponent’s attack, you can gain a special power.
  • When the positive points exceed a certain amount per battle, you’ll gain an influence over the game. You’ll be given a special power.
  • Pick up Scraps and collect Scrap cards. Use scrap card for function items.
  • Enable the color cycle function. In addition to that, mix and match special figure by coloring a special role and color.
  • Hard mode 2. Prepare for the life-threatening battles!

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    Welcome to High Octane Drift, a realistic racing game about drifting motorsport filled with full-throttle fun and a healthy competitive spirit. You start as a rookie in a live drifting community, earning reputation and cash to build your unique drifting car, gather your crew and win top class drifting series. Features: GAMEPLAY FEATURES – Realistic physics engine that fully represents the physics of a car and its surroundings in a truly responsive racing environment; – Intuitive controls, that make you feel like a true driver; – Support for up to 32 players; – Evergrowing collection of cars with changeable aerodynamic elements; – 1500+ performance parts for 20+ swappable engines; – Customizable suspension, gear ratios and wheel lock angles; – Create and upload your very own car liveries for everybody to see; – Build rare parts in a workshop for ultimate performance; – Team up to beat other crews; – Participate in different events and championships to get exclusive prizes and fame; – Customize your car and character with over 150 body parts; – Rallycross style handling, quick acceleration, but also a hardcore heart-stopping drift car; – A huge variety of cars and locations; – A fully customizable driving experience with tuning system and special driving rewards; – Over 150 parts to build your dream drifting car and gameplay experience; – Over 250 highly detailed location models to explore in the huge drifting map; – Over 1000 game events and trophies; – A full non-linear story mode, where you’ll be able to change and upgrade your character, and compete in multiple championships to win awesome prizes; – Fully dynamic weather system that changes the game environment at random; – Multiple times of day and seasons; – Full regional event calendar. High Octane Drift requires: – Minimum: – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 – Mac OS X version 10.8 or higher – Recommended: – Origin client* / Microsoft account – For the Steam client Copyright 2016 – KNNARIZONA LLC. All right reserved. All game content and materials copyright KNNARIZONA LLC. All the items available on this website are copyrighted and protected by their respective owners. All rights reserved. If you like our content, please consider donating to KNNARIZONA LLC so that we can improve more games, provide better support and financial c9d1549cdd


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    Use the topic link below to show all Noir Knights optionally add “Warriors that fight evil.” Additional options for more closely aligned squires etc and the general book covers are here: Introduction “The Fantasy Grounds Noire Knights (Wenning Murore) by Tantie (Ponuma)’s for Savage Worlds. My fellow fantasy GM has great taste in Ideals and Ideas. If you are yet to write your own FGO series for your savage worlds game, this is a great place to start off. I’ve used this in a lot of campaigns. I normally just use this to define squires that fight evil, but also those that fight demons and monsters, but can support the positive aspects of being a knight. And sometimes the knighters get the warhammer. Looking forward to playing this again.” Just so you know This pack is intended for solo play and shared play with other gamers. It may be used with the free FGO pack, which has a more generous compatible and useful compilation of options for you, (see Wenning Murore). Working with other gamers, instead of playing solo, is encouraged. So for those looking for ideas for additional knighthood details, or the inclusion of more notes you can expand on or leave out. Feel free to add any additional options. The pack contains: A choice of compatible scribes or accounts Wenning Murore Laws of knighthood Wars of the nation Old kingdom Choosing a wenning Obstacles the player will face if they become a knighthood? Gannets archipelago Fifth chapter Trident Inquisitor pattern Closing remarks Background Wenning Murore is an old, iconic RPG from the days of old, developed by Gnome. It is a melee/fantasy RPG, more similar to GURPS and Pathfinder than to In Nomine and Gamebooks. The ability to have detailed character creation and even the ability to enter any desired school of magic. The system has rules for tanks, clerics, fighters, thieves, spell-makers, etc. Choosing a wenning How many options are in Wenning Murore?


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    In this intense, emergency care-focused hospital simulation, you will be tasked with carrying out your duties with the sole goal of saving the lives of your patients. During your shift, you will encounter all of the life-threatening and debilitating conditions patients can suffer from, and treat your most challenging cases in a Hospital Emergency Department setting. Combining the player’s skill with instinct and effective treatment, you’ll always have the ability to save your patients. Never settle for less than they deserve! • An innovative physics-driven game engine, with robust and easy-to-learn controls. Developed using Unreal Engine technology • Infinitely varied cases, each with their own set of objectives, characters, and complications • Multiple different roles and specialties to discover, allowing you to be the best doctor for your environment, role, specialty and difficulty level • 3 difficulty levels, all with special bonus objectives • Multiple hours of gameplay • Over 1.5 hours of tutorials • A rich story mode with a deep and compelling narrative to immerse you in the world of Vital Signs • A wide range of medical skills to master, including: – General Surgery – Internal Medicine – Emergency Medicine – Pediatrics – Orthopedics – Plastic Surgery – Diagnostics – Diagnostic Imaging – Neurosurgery • Completely new and authentic look and feel: two spanking new environments and special effects, designed specifically for the emergency department! • New game-wide support structures designed to increase the depth and richness of the game experience • Challenging bonus objectives specific to the emergency department, including: – Treasure chests containing special rewards – High-value patents that will help you in your career later on in the game – Patents that will help you in your quest for promotion – Unique lab equipment to improve your diagnosis skills • Episodes dedicated to covering the different branches of medicine: – Internal medicine: help your patients with bleeding, infective diseases, and blood loss – General surgery: your emergency department lives and dies on the hands of the best surgeon around – Orthopedics: treat fractures, dislocations, and spinal injuries that are sure to cause pain and suffering – Pediatrics: the rich world of childhood healthcare – Diagnostics: the most difficult of patient encounters, from simple cases of fever and cough to more complex ones of heart attacks and strokes • A wide range of cases that will force you to develop your skills even further, as


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